Khamphay Sana Group Of Company was incorporated in Laos in 1989 (was formerly named as Khamphay Wood Products & Furniture Co., Ltd). The Company provides furniture; wood products for domestic market and export, the company later expanded the business and then applied the license for Construction Company in 1998 to capture the opportunity for the opening of the Laos’ market in the infrastructure fields-a virgin market at that time. Khamphay Sana Group seized this opportunity and positioned itself to be the top ranking company in construction solutions. This vision was realized through an emphasis on organization management and human resources development coupled with utilizing modern technologies to ensure our work quality and customer’s satisfaction. Our ultimate goal is to create good quality work to an international standard of competitiveness under world-class quality management; over the time the company grows faster and laid good foundation for ongoing business as well as beneficial to the country development.

The Company is on the List of Approved Contractors for Public Works for the categories of Buildings, power transmission line works, Road Works and Drainage, Site Formation and Waterworks. Currently the Company is one of the biggest contractors for state projects.

Khanphay Sana Construction (KPC) is a major Lao construction company with a total capability across the spectrum of building and civil engineering work, including Design and Finance developments.

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